Thekweni Reinforcing is focused on delivering products used in the civil and building and construction process but has expanded to supplying the mining and certain steel fabricators businesses.


Brickforce is designed for structural reinforced masonry applications and consists of two main parallel wires joined by in-line welded cross wires. In this way, Brickforce is able to add strength to walls panels and assist in resistance to wind load.

The main wires are manufactured into a flattened profile to enable the product to be easily located into a mortar joint without steel build-up problems at lap positions and corners/ junctions, or when used in conjunction with wall ties. Brickforce is available in a range of different wire diameters for specific structural loading situations and in a variety of product widths to suit different block or brick leaf construction.


  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Available to suit almost any wall shape and makeup
  • Full continuity of reinforcement
  • Easy installation by bricklayers

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